3 Day Water Fast

A Guided Experience with Holistic Health & Wellness leaders taking you through a 7 day cleanse, to feel Amazing & Free In Your Body & Mind!


Why Do A Water Fast?

A water fast is one of the biggest gifts you can give to your body. There is so much research coming out now about the incredible benefits of fasting.
When we go through a fast, we let the body get a chance to heal, rejuvenate, recover and regenerate itself.
Here are some of the many benefits a water fast can give you:
💧Healthy weight loss
💧Clearer cognitive functions; boosts brain function and ability to focus and think clear
💧 Can lower risk of chronic disease; diabetes, cancer and heart disease.
💧Soothes inflammations
💧Enhance heart health
💧Delays aging
💧Detoxes the cells from unwanted toxins
💧Rejuvenated skin and increased glow
💧Increased levels of energy

What You'll Discover

Please note : Do NOT do fasting if you are under 18yrs old, have gout, diabetes (both types 1 & 2), eating disorders, are pregnant or breastfeeding. 

If you have medical related questions prior to beginning, please contact us

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Hello there I'm Megan

a holistic healer & hydration specialist with a keen interest in detox & cleanses for the health benefits I gain for my many long term ailments, including Rheumatoid Arthritis, MTHFR & Polycystic Ovaries, to name a few.

I LOVE hydrating my body the right way, at a cellular level, providing my immune system with vital support needed for my 360 lifestyle approach to holistic health.  There’s many fasts & cleanses to choose from, with juice, liver & intestine cleanses, but a water cleanse is THE most profound I have ever done.

During these 7 days together, myself & Nichola Shuttle, a Health & Wellness Coach & Team GB age group sprint triathlete, will guide you through how you can safely do a clean cleanse & water fast together.

Once we’ve done this together, you will have the tools needed to complete yourself again in the future & inspire loved ones in your life to prioritise their health & to do the same!

Nichola Shuttle

Meet Nichola

who studied holistic nutrition, specialising in health & wellness coaching at the ‘Institute of integrated nutrition’, is a health & wellness coach & qualified for the GB squad (age group) in sprint triathlon in 2019.

After working with clients for a couple of years in my health & wellness business, I realised the work was having a very powerful & mirror effect on me.  One of the key things that comes with trying to reach any lifetime goal is to focus on changing daily habits.  When this is achieved consistently, adaptions are able to take place in the body. It’s these adaptions that create strength, new pathways & opportunity.

I was curious to see what I could achieve, how far I could push myself & where my boundaries might be in my mid-forties.  My journey so far has taken a lot of discipline, strength of mind & commitment. It can be challenging at times, but it helps me focus on the positive features of my life & the achievements are so rewarding.

During this time, my mission has been to play a crucial role in improving the health & happiness of anyone who is willing to prioritise their health too.  Helping clients with varying health issues, including sugar addiction, digestive sensitivities, food intolerance’s, inflammation, menopause, type 2 diabetes & cancer is incredibly rewarding.